Your Tiny Little Dick Would Vanish

Sara in a blue sports bra, holding up a measuring tape, with caption "Your tiny little dick would vanish"

Compared to my giant tits, your dick looks even SMALLER! You’ve always dreamed about titty fucking, but what would happen if you actually did? Well, your little dicklet would completely vanish. It’s just that small. I grab a tape measure to demonstrate how miniscule your dicklet is in comparison to my massive, perfect, tits. All you can do is worship them from afar, your dick is certainly not good enough for me.


SPH, female domination, tit worship, big tits

5:58, $5.99
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"Awesome vid of teasing and small penis humiliation, made me throb!"
"It's true but I didn't feel too badly about this. They're huge!!"

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