Custom videos are one of my favorite services to offer! Many of my best videos started off as a custom video, with recent hits such as Sissy Pad Training, Supervillian Seduction JOI, and Coin Flip JOI. I always prioritize custom videos in my filming queue, and as such will usually only accept a few videos each week!

Pricing for custom videos varies based on the idea and length of the video. Although you can order a custom video directly on many of my sites such as ManyVids and iWantClips, I usually recommend messaging me directly with your idea! I can help you optimize it for the best price, and of course, the best result as well! I do not usually accept scripted ideas or ones with many specific details. Instead, I work best with a loose plot idea, maximum a few sentences — my creative freedom always results in an amazing video! An initial message to inquire about a custom video should include your full idea (do not include additional details later on!), the ideal length of video, and the payment method you’ll be using.


An average 8-10 minute custom video, filmed with full face, all in one scene, will cost $150. This includes an outfit request and light editing to help make the video look and sound great! On occasion I offer discounts for these videos down to $75 if they are simple concepts in one of my favorite fetishes, such as sissification, hypnosis, or chastity.

Pricing for discounted custom videos, with 50% off videos in categories such as chastity, hypnosis, and sissification.

An average 13-15 minute video will cost $175, and for 20-22 minutes it is $225! If you wanted to add name use to your video, that’s an additional $50 fee. Don’t want to wait the standard turnaround length, which can vary from 1 week to up to 3 weeks if I’m extra busy? Ask me if a 3 day rush fee is currently available!

Regardless of price point or extras, all custom videos are filmed in 1080p/60fps on my Canon Powershot G7x Mark II. Additionally, I use a Rode NTG-2 to help provide amazing audio quality!

Girl/Girl Custom Videos

On occasion, I am able to work with a friend to film partnered content! The price for these varies quite a bit based on your specific idea. $15/minute with a 5 minute minimum is a common average. I never offer fluid exchange in custom videos — this includes kissing and oral. My favorite girl/girl custom videos are lesbian domination ones, with me as the dominant, of course! Girl/girl fetish customs are also well loved.