Jiggle addiction

You absolutely love watching how my tits jiggle, you might even be addicted to it! So I give you a bit of a show, jiggling my tits in every possible way, with many different angles and movements to love. A few very short portions of this clip are edited into slow motion for extra enjoyment.

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Bra lesson for titty obsessed sissies

So many sissies are obsessed with boobs, the thought of having them, bras, and my own tits, so here's a bra lesson for them! I talk about how bra sizes work, the specifics of it including sister sizes and measurements. I also talk about some of the factors that make for a good fitting bra, and what I look for!

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Lick his cum off my tits

As my cuckold, your job is to always do exactly as I tell you, including cleaning up whenever I have sex with a better man. And often, this requires you to clean up cum. You'll been good, so I'll give you a reward -- I'll let you lick his cum off my chest!

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