Top 10 Masturbation Videos!

I’ve filmed a lot of masturbation videos! About 72 to date, to be precise. Picking my top 10 was hard, but I think this list will be a great place for you to find some new favorites!

10: Birthday orgasm

I filmed this video on my 21st birthday, in 2018! It is indeed true that I hadn’t done any penetration for quite a while; it felt amazing!

It’s my birthday! What better way to celebrate than with an orgasm? Showing full face and wearing nothing but some cute thigh highs the entire time, I talk through how I’m going to use my dildo vibrator to get off, and it’s my first time doing any penetration in so long! I orgasm while the dildo is still in me, letting you see it all, and giggle about it afterwards.

ManyVids – $10.99

9: Rainy morning orgasms together

It really was raining out when I filmed this! The dull weather was my inspiration! I was actually considering filming it a few days prior, but the weather was so bad that then the power went out.

It’s such a cold and rainy morning… Do you want to maybe warm up by getting off together? I think that’d be really nice! I strip out of my cozy pajamas for you and use my vibrator so we can both cum together while in bed.

ManyVids – $9.99

8: “Welcome Home” dildo ride

I loved this custom video idea! I felt so sensual and wanted, and it was a really fun GFE style roleplay.

This was a custom video, and the name “Steve” is used throughout. Wearing my silky purple robe, I welcome you home, and reveal that I had a little surprise in mind for you… I’m going to ride you for a bit, then you’re going to fuck me until we both cum together! Sound good?

ManyVids – $9.99

7: Strip, tit play, and cumming for you

This was one of the first videos I filmed with full face, a year ago!

Another great masturbation video with full face! I start out dressed and strip down completely for you, spend lots of time playing with my tits, and finally use a vibrator to get off.

ManyVids – $14.99

6: Male and female anatomy

I had so much fun with this. And yes, I did my research and printed out some anatomy diagrams to prepare! It’s a long video, but it’s sooo good.

This video is split into two scenes: A lesson on male anatomy, and a lesson on female anatomy. In male anatomy, I discuss the parts of the penis and quiz you on them. And of course, you can’t ignore some JOI from your teacher to help better understand the lesson! In female anatomy, I want to get a little more hands on, so I undress and show you various parts of the female body, discuss some of what feels pleasurable, and finish off with a live demonstration of a female orgasm!

ManyVids – $17.99

5: Anal training #1

Over a year since my last anal experience! I think I did great, though. This is one of those videos where I always get aroused again when I watch the preview…

I talk about how long it has been since the last time I did any sort of anal, and my anal experiences before that… It’s been over a year, so I’m quite nervous! I get myself lubed up and use a butt plug to start, thrusting it in and out and loving the way it feels. Eventually I grab my vibrator so that I can even get off while my ass is plugged, loving every moment of it!

ManyVids – $14.39

4: Riding my friend

Normally I struggle a LOT with long riding, but I did it! This video was 20 minutes long, and I had a lot of fun with it. These GFE style custom videos are always amazing.

We just got back from the movies, it was kind of a date, but we weren’t really sure… Well, maybe you weren’t very sure. I knew exactly what I planned to get out of this date! I intentionally didn’t wear panties, and was trying to tease you throughout the date. When we got back to my house, I ‘accidentally’ start opening my legs a little too much with my short dress on, and you get some flashes of my pussy. This gives you a boner, so I offer to help you out with it! There’s no need to be shy, just come with me to the bedroom. In the bedroom, I give you a handjob, before moving on to riding your cock in multiple positions, and ultimately you cum while fucking me doggystyle.

ManyVids – $17.99

3: Teacher demonstrates how to please a woman

Everyone always says I have an innocent face, and look like I could be a teacher. So why not roleplay as one? Everyone could use a lesson on the clitoris!

I’m ready to teach our Health class, but you’re the only student who showed up today! The lesson was planned to be partner work, but I guess we can work together, right? Today I’m going to teach you about how to please a woman. I’ve seen you with that girlfriend of yours, and I want to make sure you know what to do to make her feel great. We go over how to take a bra off, how to find the clitoris, tips for giving oral, how to use a vibrator on a woman, and what to do when she’s close to an orgasm! I make sure to model the use of a vibrator for you, demonstrating some different techniques with it, and help you identify when I’m about to orgasm and what to do during it.

ManyVids – $14.99

2: How many times can I cum?

Sooo many orgasms in 10 minutes! I loved being able to do a “part 2” of this video. Both versions have been very popular, for good reason!

Two years after my first many-orgasm video, I do a second one, this time with full face! This time I go at it for about 10 minutes, letting you see all the details. Orgasm after orgasm, you experience it all with me! So… How many times do you think I came?

ManyVids – $14.99

1: Fucking the cheerleader

I will never stop loving this video. It will ALWAYS be my number one. It’s probably the best video I’ve ever filmed, at all, to date. It has everything. I poured my soul into it. I learned color correcting for it. So many different scenes. 7 hours of rendering. So, so worth it, though!

This video seriously has everything you could want! So many of your fantasies with me, brought all together in a story line that you can’t resist. First, we’re talking after cheerleading practice, and I just need to stretch a little in the hall since I’m so stiff from that workout. Oh gosh, are you getting hard looking at me? No way! Okay, fine, come with me to my room and maybe I’ll show you a bit more… Once we’re in there, I show you how I like to get off wearing my outfit, letting you watch from behind while I use a vibrator until orgasm. Now it’s your turn! I get onto the floor so I can give you a handjob, but eventually I decide it’s best if I strip and give you a titjob instead. Ultimately, we both want you in me — so I ride you for a while, using my vibrator while I do so we can both cum together.

ManyVids – $19.99

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