Cum Eating Instructions (CEI): An Introduction

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How I Started Giving Cum Eating Instructions

Like most female domination fetishes I have explored over the past few years, cum eating instructions started off as just a request in a Kik session. I was doing a femdom session with someone who wanted CEI, and I obviously wasn’t going to turn it down! I never tried it before, but that’s alright — it can’t be too hard.

And it really wasn’t! As far as fetishes go, cum eating instructions is a pretty simple one. Sure, we can go a little further with it, as I’ll discuss in the next section… But on the surface level, it’s practically a ten second task! Cum into your hand, and lick it all up. Or, if you’re a little extra adventurous (and flexible!), you can angle your hips up and cum straight into your mouth! I have found that most Domme’s do not have their slaves go any further than that, and most slaves have never even thought about doing something more unusual with their cum eating instructions.

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Taking Cum Eating Instruction To The Next Level

So, I mentioned the usual techniques for CEI: Cumming into your hand and licking it up, or cumming straight into your mouth.

Honestly, I think those are rather boring. We can do better than that, boys!

I have one video dedicated to me talking about my favorite ways to have men eat their cum for me. It’s quite fun, really. I love thinking outside the box. And when you’re eating a cum-salad dressing while sitting at your desk at work, well, licking cum out of your hand while laying in bed at home just seems so mundane, doesn’t it? That’s why I think we can do better. That’s why I know we can do better.

Ever since that first CEI Kik session, I’ve done a lot more CEI sessions, cam shows, and phone calls. Quite a lot more. And some videos, too! It would be an understatement to say I’ve gotten creative with my cum eating instructions. I like to make you do things that have you saying “Holy shit, I love that idea, I want to cum right away so I can try that out!”

And then, of course, I’ll edge you and make you wait. It’s just part of the fun πŸ˜‰

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Does CEI Make Me Gay/Bi?

This is a common concern I hear whenever I suggest cum eating instructions to someone. “But I’m not gay!” Cool, I guess. Doesn’t matter. CEI doesn’t make you gay!! A little louder for those in the back: Eating cum has nothing to do with being gay or bisexual! It doesn’t. It really doesn’t.

If I was telling you to go out there and eat another man’s cum, well, that would be different. And that is something I do. But that’s not a necessity at all to your usual cum eating instruction. It’s usually a solo thing, truth be told. Just you, your dick, and your orgasm. And maybe some tasty accessories. And maybe me on the other side of the phone. You get the point — no other men required.

So no, you don’t have to be gay to eat your own cum. CEI will not suddenly make you gay. I promise.

Now, if you want the Forced Bi/Make Me Bi element that can come with cum eating instructions, that can definitely be arranged. I also sometimes combine CEI with cuckolding, and that can be particularly fun! What do you think about the idea of licking another man’s cum off my tits?

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Respect The Women!

Respecting all the women out there is one of the biggest things I think about when giving cum eating instructions. How many women are expected to eat cum all the time when giving blowjobs? It’s such a normal, everyday expectation. So why are men really all that different? You’re not! You’re not particularly special.

So go ahead, open up, and think about all the women eating cum daily, and how you’re no better than them. I promise you’ll learn to love it!

Chickening Out On Your Cum Eating Instructions

Finally, I want to address a common problem I see when men are given cum eating instructions, or worse, when they attempt eating cum on their own — chickening out.

It is incredibly common. Painfully common, honestly. And it never fails to disappoint me when I’m on a NiteFlirt phone call with a slave who wants to eat his own cum, is desperate to eat his own cum, and has specific instructions for how to do it… And then he immediately hangs up after having his orgasms.

I’m not dumb, boys. I know you’re giving up, chickening out, and you’re too afraid to actually follow through with it.

So how do you overcome it?

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Save It For Later!

You save you cum for later! If you know you’ve chickened out on your cum eating instructions in the past, luckily freezers are a thing in practically every household. All you have to do is have a normal orgasm, but not worry about eating your cum. Not that time, at least. Instead, you just have to collect your cum somehow. I usually recommend an ice cube tray, as long as you don’t have roommates or otherwise share a freezer with anyone!

Then, once you cum into the ice cube tray, pop it in the freezer… And next time you’re horny and ready for some proper CEI, all you have to do is take that ice cube tray out, let the cum defrost a little, and eat up!

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  1. Paul

    That was a great article Goddess Sara. I have the fantasy to eat my cum. I have slurped and swallowed lots of pre cum but when I orgasm I always chicken out. I edge for days to work up a good load, I release, and I chicken out. It’s so disappointing to myself but I never give up and keep trying. I hope to succeed in the near future with this task. Thank you for your time.

    1. Goddess Sara

      I’m confident that you’ll be able to follow through!

  2. dave

    Very hot! I love how your mind works.

    1. Goddess Sara

      Oh, don’t we all? πŸ˜‰

  3. Aaron

    Hi Goddess Sara. Please can you tell me ways of overcoming my fear of eating cum. I can shoot at my face but can’t eat it. What should I eat to make it taste good?

    1. Goddess Sara

      Read my section on saving it for later! πŸ˜‰

  4. Aaron

    Hi Goddess Sara
    What is the best way to eat it?

    1. Goddess Sara

      Aaron, there are wayyyyy too many great ways to pick a BEST! The best is dependent on where you are, what you have available, your experience…

      1. Aaron

        Goddess Sara, My experience in CEI is I’ve watched a lot of CEI vids. I like the legs over head (the loser position) and soft humiliation.

  5. Denis

    I Actually liked this article!
    Some girls in cei video say, that eating his own cum makes someone gay and everytime they say that its an instant turnoff for me, I think it would be fun to eat my own cum.

    1. Goddess Sara

      So glad you liked it πŸ™‚

  6. Cal42

    Perhaps Goddess should set up a Cum Eating 101 and 202 and 303 courses (pun intended on ‘courses): Make the sissy shoot on some canned corn to make ‘creamed corn’, 202 make sissy shoot on a salad, 303 make sissy shoot on a dark muffin ‘ice the muffin’ and CEO 404 make sissy shoot toothbrush ‘Cumgate Toothpaste for after finishing the first 3 courses!

    1. Goddess Sara

      ooh, I do like this idea! Especially Cumgate Toothpaste!

  7. RThomas

    I think the best way to eat is in legs over head position and ruin it. That way you can’t chicken out

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